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tv   News  ABC  December 27, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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and welcome back. it was a cruel summer font concert business because of high ticket price keeping many people away. they are planning to make shows more affordable and now you can expect cheaper tickets and many acts as well as t-shirts and other merchandise for sale at much lower prices to make up for the lost revenue. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >>'s the point. with the graphics they want to
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get stuck. we have ourselves a wind and some snow showers this morning. we are aiming for 32 and are down to 18. 40% chance it's going to be sunny tomorrow. okay. well we will eliminate that. that's stuck in the system but we have ourselves a look at temperatures that will be modifying throughout the week. we get sun and back to 40 by thursday. and if you noticed these are pumping up a little sooner. and that's partly due to our limited snow coverage. any thicker snow pack would have helped to refrigerate the atmosphere an extra two days. 40 by thursday and friday we are looking at 44. and as we head into the new year, looks like temperatures actually push into the low 50s with rain. you can't stick a ruler in rain. we will leave it at that. we will go up to new york where they are digging out from a foot of snow and check out the morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, facebook overtakes yahoo. new numbers show the social net working giant is the third largest website in the world. taking that spot from yahoo. facebook had nearly 650 million
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unique visitors last month about 20 million more than yahoo. google and microsoft are the top two. anel is work are -- apple is work on new and tella tella design for the iphone. something that gave them headaches. it's hoping to move the antenna behind the logo on the back of phone. i phone 4 antenna wraps around the edge which many complained caused dropped calls. having your life drop before your eyes is not a new them but pummel vision pulls photos from facebook and other sites and turns it into a video shoveling through all of them. -- shuffling through all of them. those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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now, "good morning, maryland."
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>> snow to the north of us and snow to the south. but here in a baltimore a mild dusting of wintery weather to start off your monday. justin is in this morning to explane exactly how we dodged a bullet. with that snow pounding the northeast, travel delays expected throughout the start of the workweek beginning in new york and extending all the way to the west coast. and closer to home the delays certainly being felt in charm city. we are live this morning at bwi preparing for you and your flights as you get ready to kick off your workweek. it's monday, december 27th. good morning, maryland, i am charlie crowson. megan is off today. let's go to justin with a look at what happened during the past weekend weather wise. and why we actually dodged a bullet but on top of that justin, i put the facebook question out for our fans this morning. how do you spell gypped? >> your answer but we are looking up right now as we we can enjoy the scenery on tv and hackensack, new jersey, oh, you got thousands of airlines
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trained and-- train and bus passengers stranded behind a winter storm and we are looking at snowplows getting a good workout. we have utility workers putting chains on. you don't often see that in jersey. hackensack with close to two feet of snow. parts of. >>ers -- new jersey -- new yrs i -- new jersey over 30 inches. you thought we got hit with storms last year, this storm actually more intense, this storm hitting a denser population is going to come out as a bigger storm even though we wind with up snow magiton gypped. that's -- snowmageddon gypped. richmond, virginia got more than us. atlanta, georgia, got more snow than us. it snowed in jacksonville florida yesterday. we wind up with a wide range. that was expected. although also, that range of 50 miles made a huge difference. blizzard conditions delaware through boston continued this morning. the eastern shore winds up with 5 to 12 including ocean city.
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and we are looking at the baltimore area which had snow for over 12 hours adding up to only about ionch to two inches in anne arundel county this morning. complete snow reports coming in later. waiting for people to wake up and gel tallies that's not as old as last night. because we had overnight. catonsville 26. wind gusting to 48 miles per hour. that's an issue we still have snow showers on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. it could be slick in spots. we are not done yet. but check on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: those winds are playing a part in the morning's commute because there are wind warnings in place at the tidings bridge. in fallton southbound bel air road past harford reports of debris. a sign has blown into the roadway. in bel air, an accident temporarily blocking all lanes at route 136 and route 543. looking at 895, all listens are open. probably more salt on the ground than snow depending on where
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you are. but traffic is flowing freely and some of the speeds are down because you could see the occasional slick patch. charlie, back to you. >> all right. kim, thanks. it's not the snow but the frustrations amounting at airports up and down the east coast this morning. and at bwi, no exception. sherrieionson is live with a look at what can be expected in terms of delays and cancellations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. that's right. we are here at thurgood marshall international airport. it's a chance to step inside here and i got to tell you there are long lines of people. there's people camped out. they are at the ticket counter trying to figure out where did they go from here with this winter storm. so they are trying to get answers. there are a number of cancellations. it's a chance to take look at the board and there's more cancellations than there are on time flights. you have people camped out and the majority of the cancellations seems to be in new jersey, boston and new york city. actually, there's cancellation
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all over the place. raleigh durham and chicago and albuquerque new mexico, you name it, it is canceled. and basically, in the new york area, there are three major airports that have had 1400 cancellations in that area. and basically right now, people are trying to figure out if they are going to be able to get out. >> i am sure it's difficult for the airlines to cancel flights when the weather outside is delightful. >> i was kind of worried if our flight would be canceled because of the snow. >> reporter: well right now, the airport has snow crew on stand by to try to keep the runways safe. so, some of the planes will be able to take off. right now, there's a lot of canceled flights that are not leaving out this morning. in the meantime, the folks here at the airport say make sure that you call and check ahead first. because, again, there are a number of cancellations. so you want to check on that before you make your way out here. reporting live at bwi, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> you know in new york city,
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the area airports up there canceled more than 1400 flights. airlines are canceling flights scheduled for later this morning. stranded passengers passed time calling 800 numbers to reschedule the flights which proved to be phytel. driveways -- futile. people spent the day after christmas shoveling themselves out and took the time to buy food and supplies just in case. hundreds of flights were canceled at airport in philidelphia as the city declared snow emergencies. national football league canceled a game scheduled for last night in the city between the eagles and minnesota vyingings. fill -- minnesota vikings. the airport was unrecognizable. har forecounty dodged a storm but crews were prepared. salt trucks were out by noon sunday and they stayed out all night focus on the northern part of the county where icy spots were expected. wind gusts hit 35 miles an hour
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making it feel like blizzard conditions out there. folks say the last time the winter storms were the worse a spokesman for the area says trucks stayed out all night treating the rotes rhodes and the big message is to keep spode down anticipate possible eye yes -- eye why is spots. for the first time in franchise history, baltimore ravens headed to the playoffs for the third consecutive year. but the division title is not out of the picture. if the browns can beat the steelers next sunday and the ravens take care of business at home, the ravens will win the division. peyton hillis and mccoy and browns had nothing to lose trying everything in the playbook including the wildcat formation. that was touchdown for cleveland. but upon further review, if you look at it in slow-motion, ravens fans will say it touched the guys in the stripes say it was a catch. three sacks after mcclain's fum billion recovery, flacco threads one to tj hughes man sotta. 102 yards and it was a bitterly
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cold day in cleveland. ray lewis put out the hit on hillis saying the arkansas grad would not do what he did to baltimore in the last time they met. hillis racked up 144 yards here in charm silly. hillis 35 yards and 12 dairies -- carries and browns did something dramatic and started with the on sidekick and flacco back at work can't find anyone. he had three rushes for 17 yards. each of those three rushes resulted in a first down. much like that one. aid corner shot to the always efficient always crisp on the routes, mason. the guy gets it done. now, back to colt mccoy. struggled, the texas grad trying to be dray mat nick second half. who does he find ed reed on the second interception and rice led the ravens in rushing with 92 yards. mason had four catches for 54
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yards. ravens are 11 and 4 and reed the man is on fire. yeah. almost caught fire while on the bench trying to keep warm out there. the ravens are now at home next weekend against the bengals and there is still something to play for. we look forward to that. the snow is relentless and the wind are not relenting at all either. we are feeling the winds this morning but nothing is as bad as the heavy snow up i-95. mess that millions are dealing with this morning. we will take you that way coming up in bit. now for a look at trains and buses, here's mta's kurt. >> reporter: good morning. we have got on the buses right now, delays but not weather related diversions. the 1 bus 25 minutes late. 7, 23, 35 and 36 and 55 buses all 15 to 20 minutes late. light rail has a 15-minute delay. to penn station and on the metro subway on time service -- on time schedule. light rail metro subway on schedule on the -- or rather the marc trains are on time.
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now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast
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certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 45 and you know, at this stage of the game, we will take anything to fluff up the total of the officially around the area pushing two inches or less. we got five inches to a foot on the eastern shore. but a flare-up of snow bands behind this. this blizzard and you can see that intensity building around bay bridge and kent island looks like they are getting a burst of snow right now. and i know there's been some in anne arundel county. we don't have updated reports since last night. i suspect crofton has two inches and maybe two, three inches amounts aroundan arundel county and crossing into central portions of the bay. our wind chills in the low to mid-teens. those winds still howling between 15 and 30 miles per hour. gusts to 45 this morning. snow showers still possible. a coating up to another inch and we are looking for temperatures that climb into the low 40s -- 30s with developing sunshine and gradually diminishing winds. here's kim with traffic.
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>> reporter: we are dealing with an accident in bel air. route 136 at route 543 war vehicle struck a pole and that accident is temporarily block all lanes. you will see police on the scene there directing traffic. also debris on the roadway route 1 southbound past harford road a sign has been blown into the streets so keep an eye out for that. looking at 59 at mountain road, traffic is flowing in both direction. no problems around beltway. they did a good job of making sure the road were treated and cleared. but you will see slick spots especially on some of the bridges and overpasses and some of the on and off exit ramps as well. stay with us, because we have more of your news, weather and traffic coming back on "good morning, maryland." ♪
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now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> coming off the christmas holiday weekend, and we wonder what normal conditions are. after this extend cold snap, we have ourselves temperatures that we normally expect on the 27th of december down to 25 in the morning and 43 is where we belong in the afternoon. records 5 and 1914. and high mark of 65. 7:25 sun up. 4:51 sun town but we have to talk about the storm. we can talk about this for a
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week and it came through for just about everybody east and south of baltimore. heavy snow. satellite picture showing an eye. we call the winter hurricanes when they explode off the east coast. and this particular one did so. in fact, dropping pressure readings during the morning hours. that is equivalent to category two hurricane. you can see the intensity wrapping south of nantucket island. we have 969milibar reading which is extremely low low. it dropped faster than one millibar per hour since yesterday's morning. that's a dep initial of a bomb in terms of the -- definition of a bomb in terms of the atmosphere. new jersey, some spots with over 30 inches. and they have a shot of surpassing that. band of snow extending through new england and shots around the chesapeake bay. we can see the banned of snow -- bands of snow coming down. watching the storm wind off the
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coast, still some snow showers lingering through the area. but it's about the winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. this morning, they will be with us in the afternoon, just not as strong as the low pressure continues to pull away. and how about that snow take out the philidelphia area where they had to cancel the night game and push it until tuesday. they had 11.6 inches at midnight easily over a foot with more snow and in the baltimore area generally a dusting to two inches, much lower than we expected. but a 50-mile spread and that's where they get into the heavy snow bands. that was more or less on target with the forecast. snow showers and flurries. winds gusting to 45 miles per hour a high near freezing. tonight, with clearing skies dropping it back down to 18. and with less snow, not as cold. we will call it a mostly sunny sky on a monday. tuesday that is with a high temperature in the mid-30s. >> reporter: pretty much so far so good considering we were
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expecting more snow than we received. the roadways for the most part will be clear especially on the main lines 95 and 83 and 795 and 695. all of them have been cleared in terms of snow. you can see the occasional icy patch. so keep your speeds down of the look at 695 at liberty road, traffic moves well on both loops. we are work a couple incidents including a crash reported on the inner loop at philidelphia road. no lanes blocked at this time. and bel air route 136 at 543 a vehicle struck a pole temporarily block all lanes at the intersection and expect a see police on scene and with the gusty winds, wind warnings in place of the tidings key and bay bridges. we had wind blow a sign into the roadways southbound route 1 at harford road that's in falls stone. stay with us, because there's more -- falls stone. stay with us, because there's more of "good morning, maryland" after the break. úcú;ckca/
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family. 12 years ago her mother donated a kidney to her sister both women spent the christmas at home. coming up, consumer scam warning for you about your debt. it's something many of us deal with. credit cards, car payments, to mortgages, but imagine getting hassled about a debt you never incurred. joce sterman takes a look. and you thought you survived black friday and survived cyber monday, and time for the post christmas sales. retailers hoping they will appeal to you one more time enticing you to spend your holiday dollars. stay with us.
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now, good morning, maryland. a snowy situation in maryland across the northeast crushed thousands of travel plans. we are live at bwi. >> flames consume a northeast baltimore home hurting a firefighter


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